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Somthing more about me?

MeAbout me - page of Robby Smets

I don't know if you ever met me? So you will remain a total stranger for me at this point.
First of all, welcome on my personal website!
Anyways, i'm gonna tell you everything i know about myself. so be warned!!!


I was born in the year 1980, more specified on the 25th of november. I live in a small country called Belgium, which is a part of the EU. I'm a habitant of the city Leopoldsburg, which is a part of the province Limburg. So i'm proud to be an LIMBURGER. I'm still living with my parents, my mom her name is Jullienne and my dad his name is Eugeen. I got also a big sister called Cindy, she moved out to life on her own. My native language is Dutch, but can write, read and speak a bit of english. I also understand a bit of french and german but don't let me speak of write it. I don't want to be the fool there :o


Nickname: Crazy2 or Crazytje
Firstname: Robby
Lastname: Smets

Date of birth: November 25, 1980
City of birth: Lommel
Age: 27

Parents: Jullienne and Eugeen
Sisters: only 1, Cindy
Brothers: none

City: Leopoldsburg
Province: Limburg
Country: Belgium

Relationship: Will see when it comes :)
Dating: Yes, only cute one's
Preferred gender: female ofcourse
Looking for: smart and cute looking girl

Favorite food: French fries, pancakes, fish and most vegetables (*Strange?*)
Favorite drinks: White wine, baccardi (not breezer), gin, Shweppes Agrum, Gini, water, Senseo brazilian blend and mocca cream, baileys and sambucca
Favorite music: all kinds of music, from dance and trance to hip-hop, i also listen to ambient and classic music and ofcourse the dutch songs. My favorite producer is Maor levi (*my little son*)
Favorite movie: John Q

Mail me for more questions
Greets Robby



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